12 characteristics of handwriting analysis

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How Handwriting Analysis Works

Nov 12,  · o In handwriting analysis there are twelve major characteristics that experts look at to identify a person's individual writing style. o Line quality o Depending on the speed the document was written at, the pen marks will appear either smooth and free flowing or shaking and wavering.

Parameters Representing Handwriting Characteristics Recorded coordinate data were analyzed with MATLAB general-purpose numerical analysis software (version Rb, MathWorks, Tokyo, Japan). Time to write a character was averaged for each size and for each hand.

According to graphologist Kathi McKnight, your handwriting can communicate more than you may think. In particular, the way you write l, t, i, and y indicates a lot about your personality. The is the most in-depth Certification Level Course available to become a world-class personality profiler using the map of handwriting analysis and the tool of deep personal change called grapho-therapy.

How to Identify the Signs of Genius in Handwriting. There are various signs of genius in handwriting that point to intelligence, creative ability or giftedness of a special nature.

The addition of computerized handwriting analysis systems to the process, including the FISH (Forensic Information System for Handwriting) system, which allows examiners to scan in handwritten documents and digitize the comparison process, may speed up the process of general acceptance of handwriting analysis as a science and as expert evidence.

12 characteristics of handwriting analysis
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Forensics: Twelve Basic Characteristics for Comparing Handwriting