Architecture tectonics

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Tectonics in architecture : from the physical to the meta-physical

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Tectonics in architecture : from the physical to the meta-physical

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The transparency of the topic then facilitates communication between the different kinds involved in the title process architects, lists, contractors and craftsmen. These references are important in two ways:. Transcript of Architectural Tectonics. Case for the Tectonic] "All architecture which does not express serenity fails in its spiritual mission." "the task of our time is to pcombine vitality with calm" [Frampton, Studies in Tectonic Culture] "This [case for the Tectonic] is not to deny spatial ingenuity, but rather to heighten its character.

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Tectonics in architecture is defined as "the science or art of construction, both in relation to use and artistic design." It refers not just to the "activity of making the materially requisite construction that answers certain needs, but rather to the activity that raises this construction to an art form.".

core values. Committed to design excellence, we believe that a well-designed environment enhances the performance of the users. Our team consistently strives to produce buildings and environments that meet user requirements while integrating aesthetics, economy, and function.

Tod Williams and Billie Tsien Receive New Medal for Excellence in Architecture and Environmental Design The architect partners were recognized for their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in architecture.

Tectonic Thinking in Architecture The term tectonic is known from the science of geology, where it describes the large-scale motions of Earth’s lithosphere. tectonics - the branch of geology studying the folding and faulting of the earth's crust plate tectonic theory, plate tectonics geomorphology, morphology - the branch of geology that studies the characteristics and configuration and evolution of rocks and land forms.

Architecture tectonics
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