Concept mapping as a teaching method to facilitate critical thinking in nursing education

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Teaching and Learning with Concept Maps

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In this think tank, the emphasis will be on how to facilitate critical thinking in professional education and practice. This think tank is relevant to those in the fields of: Business, Law, Social Work, Psychology, Medicine, Education, Management, Engineering, etc.

The author believes that concept-mapping is an integral teaching method to facilitate critical thinking. Concept-mapping encourages meaningful understanding by helping students to organise and connect the information they already know about a subject with the new knowledge.

Concept-mapping as a teaching method to facilitate critical thinking in nursing education: a review of the literature.(Original Research)(Report). which will suit the nursing community and further research is required to promote concept mapping as a teaching and learning strategy.

Keywords: Concept Mapping, Critical thinking, nursing process Vice Principal, PSG College of Nursing, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu &. It is concluded that the utilisation of these steps will assist nurse educators to implement concept-mapping as a teaching method to facilitate critical thinking by student nurses in nursing education.

Concept mapping as a teaching method to facilitate critical thinking in nursing education. Directing your thinking series Basics of mind/concept mapping Many of us have learned to outline information Find this Pin and more on Logic Tree Diagrams by Pat Allen.

Mapping What They Know: Concept Maps as an Effective Tool for Assessing Students’ Systems Thinking Concept mapping as a teaching method to facilitate critical thinking in nursing education
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