Drowsy driving

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Cognitive lines of simulated driving performance: Carbon squeeze can lead to drowsiness, precisely if the car is stuffy. But while the theories of drunk driving are now well formed, drowsy driving is still a critical epidemic.

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CMV Driving Tips - Driver Fatigue

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. The Expert Panel on Driver Fatigue and Sleepiness especially acknowledges Joy Mara of Joy R. Mara Communications for her assistance in. One in 10 U.S. highway crashes is the result of drowsy driving — as much as eight times more than what previous estimates have indicated, according to a new study by travel and insurance group AAA.

Alert Drops is a natural spray drop that stimulates the tongue's lingual nerve for a reflex reaction of wake/up adrenaline. Directions: A simple spray on the middle of the tongue whenever needed.


Drowsy Driving

8, ) – The most in-depth drowsy driving research ever conducted in the U.S. using footage of everyday drivers found that the percentage of crashes involving drowsiness is nearly eight times higher than federal estimates indicate, according to the.

Drowsy Driving Can Lead to Criminal Charges

A DUI lawyer who is trained in defending this type of case will be able to carefully examine the evidence against you for loopholes. While it is easy to prove that a person is drunk, it is more tricky to determine whether they were too impaired to drive.

Drowsy Driving

On July 12, William Carrol, 36, a traffic safety contractor with RoadSafe Traffic Systems, fell asleep at the wheel, drifted into the oncoming lane and sideswiped a school bus .

Drowsy driving
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Drowsy Driving: A Common Cause of Car Crashes