Fish as old as dinosaurs discovered

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Skeletons of new species of vegetarian dinosaur discovered in South America

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400-Million Year-Old Fish Discovered Is Ancestor of Dinosaurs, Humans

· The Montana site became popular after a million-year-old plesiosaur fossil was discovered by hunter Dave Bradt in The surrounding MSN. Old-earth proponents often argue that if man and dinosaurs lived at the same time, their fossils should be found in the same layers.

Since no one has found definitive evidence of human remains in the same layers as dinosaurs (Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic), they say that humans and dinosaurs are separated by millions of years of time and.

Coelacanth The coelacanth is the animal that I did research on and found many intersting facts pertaining to the coelacanth. The coelacanth is a fish with characteristics that differ and vary from modern day fish. The coelacanth has some effect on the countries around the locations where th /fish-as-old-as-dinosaurs-discovered-JamsTwrz.

450 Million Years of Sharks

Eight-foot tall termite mounds as old as the PYRAMIDS that cover an area larger than Britain are discovered in the Amazon (and they can be seen from space!) Facebook Messenger is DOWN: Chat app  · The 4,year-old stones, some measuring 15 feet in length, were discovered under 3 feet earth at the Durrington Walls "superhenge." Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project via European Pressphoto /04/dinosaur-skeleton-discovered/  · A million-year old Piranha-like fish has been discovered, capable of ripping the flesh off the bones of its prey.

The fish, Piranhamesodon pinnatomus, lived during the late Jurassic

Fish as old as dinosaurs discovered
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Dinosaur skeleton as old as mn years discovered in Siberia — RT World News