Jose rizal el amor patrio

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Rizal-El Amor Patrio

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“EL AMOR PATRIO” Rizal’s first essay, “The Love of Country,” was written when he was 21 and newly. arrived in Madrid. It was published under the name of “Laong Laan” on 20 August in Diarong Tagalog,” a Philippine newspaper, then on 31 October in La Solidaridad, Madrid/5(3).

RIZAL F or the people of Calamba, June 19 is the Grand Fiesta Day of all, being the birth anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine National Hero, the most illustrious son of town. On the th anniversary of Rizal’s birth, the whole town mounted a spectacular celebration to honor the National Hero.

“El Amor Patrio” (The Love of Country), Revista De Madrid” (Review of Madrid), “Los Agricultores Filipinos” (The Filipino Farmers) and “A La Defensa” (To La Defensa) are all essays written by Jose Rizal.

El Amor Patrio Jose Rizal Essay

Jose Rizal‟s trip to Europe was known to all the members of Rizal ‟s Family. What is the El Amor Patrio all about? A. A political satire about the abuses of Spanish friars. B. An essay wrote by Rizal expressing his love for the country.

C. A congratulatory speech of Jose Rizal to Juan Luna at Felix Hidalgo. D. A poem written by Rizal.

Jose rizal el amor patrio
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What is a summary of El Amor Patrio by Jose Rizal