Litigation law 531

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Corporate Litigation

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Litigation LAW (2 Pages | Words) Litigation. Disputes are settled by various means every day. This paper will consider the process of traditional litigation and alternative dispute resolution in settling those disputes.

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Knowing the advantages and disadvantages is important when deciding what process to employ in settling a dispute. ADR LAW October 08, Traditional Litigation vs. ADR Solving disputes in the legal realm can be a very complicated and costly endeavor, and it is important to recognize the most effective method to reach a reasonable solution.

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Litigation Law Disputes are settled by various means every day. This paper will consider the process of traditional litigation and alternative dispute resolution in settling those disputes. Litigation Student Name LAW/ Date Instructor Litigation Disputes are settled by various means every day.

This paper will consider the process of traditional litigation and alternative dispute resolution in settling those disputes.

Litigation law 531
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