Maginot line

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Maginot line

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Maginot Line

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system of defensive fortifications that was built by France in the s to protect its eastern border and stretched for nearly miles ( kilometers). Mar 13,  · The 10 year treasury is at a key technical level and if it breaks % there is little support until % or higher from a technical standpoint.

Considered by many to be an expensive failure, a symbol of French passivity and retrenchment, of her “bunker mentality” and unwillingness to boldly face the growing Nazi menace in the s, the Maginot Line was an incredibly costly and highly controversial project.

The line was a failure "in the eyes of the average French person. Yet the most modern fortification system of its day actually fulfilled its mission," according to Michaël Seramour, a.

The Maginot Line (French: Ligne Maginot, IPA: [liɲ maʒino]), named after the French Minister of War André Maginot, was a line of concrete fortifications, obstacles, and weapon installations built by France in the s to deter invasion by Germany and force them to move around the fortifications.

Constructed on the French side of its borders. The Maginot Line. The Maginot Line was a series of fortifications and defenses built by France between the First and Second World Wars along its .

Maginot line
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