Olefin metathesis reaction mechanism

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Olefin metathesis

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NMR evidence favors the "ene-first" pasting, as new carbene background resonances can be drawn. Olefin metathesi s has opened many new avenues for the synthesis of carbon carbon double bonds and has proven invaluable for many fields of chemistry.

27 Ring closing metathesis (RCM) and cross metathesis (CM) have revolutionized the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and large total synthesis targets. 28,29,31 Ring opening metathesis polymerization. Ring-closing metathesis, the most commonly used form of olefin metathesis in industry, involves the reaction of two terminal alkenes in the presence of the catalyst.

15 This process produces a cyclic olefin and another, smaller olefin that can often be easily. Immobilized Olefin Metathesis Catalysts (a) ROMP10 (b) Sol-gel monolith12 • the reaction mechanism and the relationship between catalyst, support and substrate there should be better examples to come in the future.

References 1. For recent reviews on olefin metathesis, see: (a) Furstner, A. "Olefin metathesis. The olefin metathesis reaction may comprise a reaction selected from ring-closing metathesis, ring-opening metathesis, cross-metathesis, and ring opening metathesis polymerization.

A preferred reaction is ring-closing metathesis. Aside from polymerisation reactions, olefin metathesis can be classified into three categories, ring closing metathesis (RCM), ring opening metathesis (ROM) and cross metathesis (CM) (Figure 2).

ii Lewis Acid Activated Olefin Metathesis Catalysts Adam Michael McKinty Doctor of Philosophy Department of Chemistry University of Toronto

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Olefin Metathesis -The Mechanism