Salt water intrusion

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Saltwater intrusion

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Climate Adaptation and Saltwater Intrusion

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Salt Water Intrusion

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Before will become far more like. Prairie canal developed to confirm water in the Everglades. Saltwater intrusion is causing dramatic changes along coastlines the world over and pressing communities to tackle complex questions about climate adaptation.

We’re embarking on this new research effort in earnest to help inform those discussions. Salt water intrusion occurs in coastal freshwater aquifers when the different densities of both the saltwater and freshwater allow the ocean water to intrude into the freshwater aquifer.

These areas are usually supporting large populations where the demanding groundwater withdrawals from these aquifers is exceeding the recharge rate. Salt water intrusion into freshwater aquifers is a problem facing coastal communities throughout the United States.

Larger image. Image: courtesy The Center of Advanced Materials for the Purification of Water with Systems. Saltwater intrusion is the induced flow of seawater into freshwater aquifers primarily caused by groundwater development near the coast. Where groundwater is being pumped from aquifers that are in hydraulic connection with the sea, induced gradients may cause the migration of salt water from the sea toward a well, making the freshwater well unusable.

Salt water intrusion into freshwater aquifers is a problem facing coastal communities throughout the United States. Larger image.

Saltwater intrusion

Image: courtesy The Center of Advanced Materials for the Purification of Water with Systems. Saltwater intrusion decreases freshwater storage in the aquifers, and, in extreme cases, can result in the abandonment of supply wells.

Saltwater intrusion occurs by many mechanisms, including lateral encroachment from coastal waters and vertical upconing near discharging wells (figure 4 and figure 5).

Salt water intrusion
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Seawater intrusions in groundwater